About Tao

OTHR_006Tao Acupuncture Clinic  in Scottsdale, Arizona offers Holistic Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Past Life Regression Therapy and Holistic Counseling

The term Tao means “the path” or “the way”.

Through acupuncture we can open up pathways for breath, blood, and energy to flow in the body creating optimum health. Just like waterways flow and irrigate the land; feeding, nourishing and sustaining it, circulation of breath, blood and energy in the body is vital for healthy cells and organ systems.

Past Life Regression Therapy and Holistic Counseling can help you gain awareness and release unwanted patterns so you can freely choose your path.

At Tao acupuncture clinic our goal is to open up “the way” for optimum vitality in the body so we can create our lives the way we want. To recover our natural health so we can maximize our potential as human beings. Lets grow together with physical health, good relationships, fulfilling careers, nurturing environments so we can feel peace, happiness, freedom and fully be ourselves.